This announcement is addesed to the "bullies"fans of Dynamo Zagreb ridiculous hooligans.Three months ago on our return trip form the EUROPA LEAGUE game between BRUGGE and PAOK in Belgium while crossing Austria ane reaching your phony borders we got a taste of what the game between DYNAMO and PAOK was going to be like.The inhibited Croatian officers of the law without a particular reason didn't allow the NORTHERNERS EXPRESS couch (which has been travelling around Europe for years now) to enter your territory after having illegally kept up waiting there for 20 hours.

A territory which you have been illegally violating since the war against Serbia in which it rightfully belongs to.Your capital shoulld be Belgrade and not Zagreb or else gay town.Unfortunately for you the Serbians are real men and not women,women like those you injured yesterday 14/12 in your bastard town.We are going crazy just thinking that we weren't there .......Rediculous people of Dynamo you did not even keep the code among men and fans because you are not real hooligans,fans and men.That's why yesterday you attacked a bus full of women and sponsors,Cowards you were lucky because that bus did not transfer our glorious fans.In addition the third world,uncivilized muslims Turkich of Fener did not attempt it in CONSTANTINOPLE.

You should ask them to inform you and you should also watch the related videos of the game FENERBAHCE-PAOK only to realize what happened when we got off the buses.They were running like chickens.The same thing would have happened to you sissies if were at women's and sponsor's place.In Thessaloniki we did not touch or hurt your people (VIPS,SPONSORS,WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF Dynamo).In fact we were anxiously looking forwrd to seeing you but you never showed up.That means that you were afraid of us furthermore you were afraid of crossing the highway through Belgrade.Unfortunately the administration of PAOK betrayed us and by common assent of your administration we mean and UEFA'S masons decided not to permit tickets exchange for the fans of course that was concenient enough for you miserable pitiful wretched people.

We are not going to say more, from now on we are taking action.The pursuit game has just begun.Europe is too small to hide your miserable faces.Actually it is a matter of time to "meet" you and then....Unfortunately we have also to make another announcement too.Forget your peaceful and indifferent vacation in Chalkidiki during summer.You should go to Dubrovnik or Split where you can swim in the polluted Adriatic sea which is full of Italian shit and the 101 Dalmatian low-lived dogs.You miserable and insolent little "men"




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